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What is dBWaves?

Welcome to dBWaves system, an online support system for professionals who work in the area of ​​acoustic engineering.

dBWaves is a web service that provides software tools to help with your acoustic designs. It has been developed by acoustic engineers with vast experience in the area.

Engineers, Architects, Builders and any professional who must solve problems of acoustic engineering, have a support tool in

A database of designs and materials, numerous acoustic calculation tools and storage of materials specifications and user designs, all available online anytime and anywhere.

Here is a list with the calculation that we provide you:
  • Insulation
    • Sound reduction index single wall
    • Sound reduction index double wall
    • Sound reduction index composite wall
    • Sound reduction index and flanking transmition between rooms
    • Sound reduction index and Impact insulation of ceiling and floor partitions
    • Impact insulation and flanking transmition between floors
  • Absorption
    • Absorption of porous materials
    • Membrane resonators
    • Perforated resonators
    • Slit resonators
    • Composite absorption and Reverberation time
  • Mufflers
    • Splitter