Results comparison of "Outdoor propagation" module

Below we present a comparison between dBWaves and other commercial software to calculate the outdoor sound propagation according with the specifications given by the ISO-9613. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons we can not name or specify the counterpart software used in this comparison.

The following example considers a construction site with a dumper truck, an excavator and a diesel generator. The values for each of these sources is taken from the British Standard BS 5228-1 "Code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites"

Results are presented for three different cases:

  • Without barrier
  • With barrier
  • With barrier and building

These examples show the sound pressure level at each receiver point calculated by dBWaves and by others well known simulation software (indicated as Software 1 and Software 2)

Case 1: Without barriers

Receiver 1 [dBA]Receiver 2 [dBA]Receiver 3 [dBA]Receiver 4 [dBA]
Software 171.374.676.078.5
Software 271.374.676.078.5

Case 2: With barriers

Receiver 1 [dBA]Receiver 2 [dBA]Receiver 3 [dBA]Receiver 4 [dBA]
Software 169.374.676.070.3
Software 269.174.676.070.2

Case 3: With barriers and building

Receiver 1 [dBA]Receiver 2 [dBA]Receiver 3 [dBA]Receiver 4 [dBA]
Software 169.274.676.059.1
Software 269.174.676.058.9